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A Collection Of The Most Interesting High School Research Paper Questions

If you are looking for some inspiration for your high school research paper then have a look at this selection of ideas.

  1. Should there be firmer censorship of the television commercials that appear during prime time viewing? Relate to the fact that a lot of children watch TV in their bedrooms unsupervised.
  2. Many countries now acknowledge same sex marriages, what (if any) has been the wider impact of this within families, within communities and within society in general. Do you think that the acceptance equates increased tolerance?
  3. Do the media and the way that it reports some news items cause undue upset and concern for the public? Does the media hype up some stories because they have nothing else to report that day?
  4. There is a lot of public information available about driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol including legal highs; do you think that there is there sufficient information given about driving the day after drinking or using drugs?
  5. Do you think that euthanasia should be legalized? What is the worst case scenario that could happen in society if it was legalized? Would society encourage people to die at a certain age especially if they became a burden on resources?
  6. Could cloning be acceptable in the future? It is well documented about the benefit of cloning animals, but what benefit could there be there be to cloning people? How does cloning differ to ethnic cleansing?
  7. We have known for some time that some animals especially some apes are capable of learning sign language and also have the ability to mimic humans, but how do we determine they have a level of intelligence?
  8. Should there be firmer laws regarding tattoos? How does society in general view people who are heavily tattooed? Does a person limit their ability to work in some professions because of their tattoos?
  9. Is the use of capital punishment an effective deterrent for crimes? Compare the use of capital punishment in the US to the Middle East. What crimes need to be punishable by capital punishment?
  10. How important is it for high school students to be formally taught about environmental issues? Do you think that this type of subject has more relevance today than it would have done 50 years ago?
  11. At one time it was thought that China would become the next superpower, but more recently it has been reported that China's economy is on a downward turn. How do you think that China has still held on as one of the world biggest producers?
  12. Many children will benefit from specialized education either because of their physical or learning abilities, do you think that they should be educated in mainstream schools or should they all be educated in specialist schools?
  13. It is often said that students are accepted on a college course not because of their ability to complete the course but because there are spaces that need to be filled in order that the college gets its government funding, is this is too business orientated.
  14. What are the far reaching effects of global warming? Is what we call global warming, actually a natural pattern of weather that has been ongoing through the centuries? How should we better prepare for climate change?
  15. What could be the best strategy to help to promote world peace; do you think that there will ever be a time that the world can actually achieve peace? Relate to some of the main reasons that have caused discord throughout history.
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