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How To Find A Trustworthy Psychology Research Paper Example

People who study psychology for a living, otherwise known as psychologists, study, explain and provide predictions for various subject of human and animal behaviors.

The complexity of psychology makes it well suited for various research approaches and methods, hence its prevalence in the academic world.

Writing A Psychology Research Paper

As a behavioral science, psychology lends itself to various interesting topics for a research paper. In a psychology research paper, student writers are expected to approach behaviors by asking questions and finding answers via a variety of systematic methods.

To save time, of course, students have access to a variety of research paper, articles and other academic texts related to their selected topic. But, many students have concerns about whether their selected resources are trustworthy enough to be cited as a part of their research paper.

Finding Trustworthy Examples For A Psychology Paper

Psychology research papers often manifest as articles, essays and other long form documents about a specific subject in the psychology field. Many examples of these papers are available in academic networks, generally those accessible via a website.

Checking Articles as Trustworthy Sources

Academic articles are abundantly available via web and print publications.

While some are publicly available as a part of public online libraries, other psychology papers may be gated by a college or university website, reserved for students and faculty members.

Before obtaining the entire article, read the article's abstract first, as it's a dense summation of the article's topic. Then, obtain the article through the aforementioned public library, online archive or check a library again for a print copy of the article, if it's available.

If A Good Source Is Found

What makes a good article example for a psychology paper? A good article example is, theoretically, highly cited, well written and argued while also featuring reputable sources. To determine whether the article is suitable for the paper's topic, read the abstract before obtaining the article.

As mentioned, the abstract essentially summarizes the entire article. Although some abstracts will be hard to understand at first, most provide enough of an idea to inform readers about the article in questions. Students that do have trouble interpreting the abstract should talk to their professor or teacher for help.

When a good source is identified, it's always a good idea to start reading through the source and take notes. Notes, naturally, help keep track of information that could potentially be cited within the psychology paper itself.

All in all, finding a trustworthy psychology paper example has a lot to do with finding highly cited and sourced academic works. Many of these works host information otherwise useful for students in need of reputable sources for their psychology paper focus.

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