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How To Create A Strong Research Paper About Poverty: Tips & Tricks

If you are tasked with writing a research paper about poverty, you want to know all of the tips and tricks necessary to make sure the final piece is strong.

So what makes a paper “strong”?

The strength of a paper is derived from the quality of the writing, the research, and the work you put into it. If you make great points but fail to support it with adequate research, the strength of your piece will deteriorate. If you have great points and supporting evidence but you fail to connect them in your writing, that will also bring down the strength. Your goal is to make a comprehensive argument which flows from one area to the next, adequately making all connections clear to your reader. Just because you know the point you are trying to make with Statement A does not mean that the reader will get it. They might conclude something different. You can prevent this by following the tips and tricks below:

  • Refine your topic. Make sure you can cover it in the pages you are allotted for the assignment. Should you have any doubts about this, ask your teacher to review your topic and approve it.

  • Leave plenty of time for organized research at your school library. You will have a lot of reading to do and you want to have enough time in which to do it.

  • Make an outline. When you are conducting research and taking notes, you want to convert those notes into an outline. An outline will help you to see where your work is lacking in sufficient evidence or where you might need to flesh out a paragraph. The more comprehensive your outline, the better your first draft will be.

  • Give yourself at least one day, if possible, in between finishing each draft and moving on to the next editing stage. This is important because your mind might know that you meant to say “But each being” but you may have typed “But each bring” and since both “being” and “bring” are legitimate words, a standard word processing spell check program will not flag it. For this reason, taking breaks allows your mind a break from the repetition of what you wanted to say, and a chance to look over what you actually typed with a fresh perspective. You can also benefit from having someone else look it over before you submit it for the same reason.
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