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How To Write Strong Research Papers In Finance: Professional Guidelines

It can be a difficult choice to when deciding the topic of your Research Paper in Finance, but with a few tips and guidance on picking out a topic you will be ready to start writing a very strong research paper.

  • As a first step, talk to your professor and ask if they can show you an example of an excellent, good and poor research paper.
  • Spend a little time looking at the papers. Make a few notes on which paper stands out to you as covering issues that are relevant but have taken an unusual approach.
  • The paper you have chosen to be the most outstanding will probably, flow in a logic progression of ideas, is grammatically correct and well referenced.

By now you will probably have come to the conclusion that a strong research paper is supported by strong evidence. You now need to apply this to your own paper.

  • Pick a problem that is concrete and not hypothetical. If you choose a hypothetical problem how are you going to define the problem and the solution without strong evidence?
  • Consider choosing a topic that may seem complex but you are able to explain it in terms that others may understand. Use analogies and examples that your readers will be able to identify with.
  • Be very clear of the message that you are trying to share with your reader. Stay focused on this message and don’t get sidetracked.

Selling your paper to the reader.

  • When you write your abstract (which will be the last task when writing your research paper), remember that you are really telling the reader why they need to read your work. You abstract essentially should: state the problem; say why the problem is interesting’ what solution you advise and how your solution could be built on in future work
  • Remember that readers essentially like to be spoon fed – so they need you to tell them why they need to read your work, don’t let them work it out for themselves!
  • Before you hand in your paper make sure that you have gone through your checklist that your professor provided you with. Get some one to proofread your work for you.

Other tips

  • A good researcher always acknowledges the limitations of their work.
  • Don’t cite results that have no relevance to your paper.
  • A good way to improve your writing skills is to do a bit of writing every day , you will find as you progress that it gets easier to write in the style you need for your research paper.
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