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A List Of Top 25 Interesting Topics For A College Research Paper

With homework assignments, studying and essay writing, college students have extremely busy schedules. To stay on top of their schoolwork, students should begin writing their college research paper as soon as possible. By choosing a topic early, students allow themselves plenty of time to research the paper. For the best ideas on creating a research paper, check out the following 25 interesting topics.

  1. Scientists recently discovered the “ACE” gene in certain Olympic athletes. Is there a bad gene that leads to crime or psychopathy?
  2. Is the adrenaline rush from playing an extreme sport worth the physical risk?
  3. Are the children of celebrities more likely to become successful?
  4. What are the ethical concerns about advertising to young children?
  5. How did skeletal runway models become today's concept of beauty?
  6. Should there be a tax on polluters to cover the cost of clean up?
  7. Do social media sites reduce actual social interaction in the real world?
  8. Athletes are not allowed to use steroids. Why are models allowed to use diet pills and Photoshop?
  9. In the past, children grew up to have the same career as their parents. Should this tradition be restarted?
  10. If someone shares a good deed that they performed, are they actually altruistic?
  11. How should advertisers be punished for using white lies in their marketing?
  12. If video games are competitive, could they be considered an actual sport?
  13. Is it unethical for parents to abort a child that will not live past birth?
  14. E-books are changing the print industry. How has this changed the way that books are marketed?
  15. Some Internet forums will censor what users say. Is this a violation of the Freedom of Speech?
  16. Are women truly the “weaker sex” in today's economy? Is sexism against women still a problem?
  17. There will always be errors in a small percentage of convictions. With this in mind, should capital punishment remain legal?
  18. Benjamin Franklin proposed that inheritances be outlawed. When someone died, their money would go to a fund that would be divided among every 18-year-old as they came of age. Is this a fairer way to deal with income inequality?
  19. Mothers can choose to keep their child after accepting money from the future adoptive parents. Should there be laws that stop mothers from changing their mind after birth?
  20. Do abstract pieces of artwork actually require talent? What type of training is required to become a modern artist?
  21. What are the benefits of using rehabilitative justice in the prison systems? Would this reduce crime?
  22. Malpractice laws exist because doctors make mistakes, but everyone makes mistakes. Is it fair to hold doctors to a higher standard?
  23. Beyond upbringing and societal roles, what are the actual differences between men and women?
  24. If people have to eat to live, what is the justification for creating food that tastes good?
  25. Is graffiti an example of art?
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