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How To Write A Research Paper Using The Chicago Style: Formatting Tips

There are several common for learning styles that are used in academic writing: these include APA, Chicago, and MLA. While these styles all have differences they all have a lot in common as well. The biggest similarity between them is that they require students to use uniform formatting both for their paper and for the citations used in it. But in order to successfully use each of these formatting styles you must also learn the difference is between them and intricacies of each.

Follow these simple tips on how to write a research paper using the Chicago style format:

  • Title page
  • The title page for Chicago style paper it’s fairly straightforward. In the center of the page and about a third of the way down should be your paper title written in all capitals. Then, toward the bottom of the page, still centered, should be three lines of text. The first is your full name. The second is the class or course for which you were writing a paper, including the course catalog number and the courses full title. The final line of text should be the date on which the paper is due.

  • Table of contents
  • The table of contents for Chicago style paper is also quite straightforward. The title “Table of contents” should be in bold at the top of the page. Moving down first order section headings should be in line with the left margin. Second order section headings should be indented one tab. Third order section headings should be indented two tabs. From each of these headings should be a line of periods all the way to the right margin where the page number is.

  • Section headings
  • The first order of section headings should be centered in boldface with each major word capitalized. The second orders section headings should also be centered but in regular type with each major word capitalized. The third order section heading should be in line with the left margin, bold, and with each major word capitalized. Chances are your paper won’t need more than three levels of section headings.

  • In text citation
  • The format for in text citations for Chicago style is very similar to the other styles. The one main difference between Chicago and APA is that there is a period separating the authors last name and the year of publication.

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