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Writing A Research Paper Summary: The Complete Guide

A research paper contains many parts and summary is one of them and it generally contains a brief idea about the entire writing. Summary represents the thing you have done to your reader. Students get confused between analysis and summary, these two are not the same thing. In the analysis part of your research paper you have to describe the entire thing you want to say and whatever work you have done to establish your thought, while in the part of summary you have to write only those points which are important and necessary.

Tips and guide to write an effective summary

Students think writing this is not easy and they spend a lot of time to start writing the summary of the research paper, but this part of a paper is not at all difficult if you do it methodically. Following tips may help at the time of writing.

  • Before you start writing, finish your entire report properly and then go through the paper with care. Even if you have completed your research then also wait for some times. Because introducing something new in the writing is not at all desirable. Perfect time for start writing this part of an article is after finishing all other tasks and writings related to this topic.

  • Summary should not contain any kind of outlines or frameworks, so you should not write about your ideas and statements here; it is basically a condensed version of your entire report. This part will contain only important data which will help readers to understand the entire thing at a glance.

  • It will also contain starting, body and ending part like any report and the starting part will demonstrate your ideas that are your point of view only. The middle portion will contain all other evidence and supportive data should be represented in an organized way and at the same time in a nut shell. The end part will held the conclusion that is the main points which you want to prove.

  • The write-up should not be too lengthy and at the same time it should be comprehensive, coherent, concise and independent. You should gather all the important points of each paragraph and note them according to their priority. Another point is, don’t make repetitions anything, and eliminate all type of redundancy.

  • Another guide point is try to write everything in your own words. Your research paper should be independent.
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