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How To Choose Strong Research Paper Topics About Technology

Technology is a broad topic for a research paper. However, there are many narrow topics into which it might be divided. You may write about information technology, medical technology, high tech, and so on. Unfortunately, many students have problems when it comes to choosing topics for their papers. Here you may look at some good tips on this matter.

  1. Select a technology topic that is interesting to you.
  2. The easiest way to choose a topic for a paper is to pick something in which you’re really interested. For example, if you’re interested to learn about modern weapons, you may choose a topic related to military technology. When an author is interested in his or her work, this can be easily noticed by both ordinary readers and teachers. Such approach might bring you a high score.

  3. Select a technology topic that you know well.
  4. Another way to compose a decent paper is to pick a topic in which you feel yourself to be an expert. For example, if you work with digital technology and understand it well, you may choose a topic from this field. This method will allow you to spend more time on actual writing and editing than on research. Moreover, you’ll be able to raise better arguments and know how to support them.

  5. Select a technology topic that is interesting for everyone.
  6. If you cannot come up with good topics that are interesting or familiar to you, you may choose a topic that concerns almost everyone. For example, plenty of people interact with information technologies nowadays, so you may pick a topic from this field. A well written paper on such a topic will definitely bring you an excellent grade.

Here is a list of decent topics for research papers on technology that may inspire you to come up with your own interesting idea:

  1. The effect of modern technologies on children development.
  2. How such technologies like the Internet and mobile phones contribute to globalization.
  3. Technologies that might help solve pollution problems.
  4. A technology that made a big impact in the last couple of years.
  5. Technologies that will be developed in the near future.
  6. Negative influence of technologies on human society.
  7. A comparison of a person’s brain and a modern computer.
  8. Implantation of identity chips: what are the consequences?
  9. The development of self-driving cars and their role on roads.
  10. Do we need to control the pace of technology development?
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