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Looking For Good Research Paper Introduction Paragraph Examples

When writing a research paper for a college or graduate course in any discipline it’s a good idea to first have a look at some professionally or expertly written work. Writing the introduction can be particularly different as it usually is compose last after several weeks of drafting and writing the core of the assignment. If you’re in need of a good research paper introduction paragraph example, here are a few good places to look:

Ask Your Instructor for a Handout

It’s always a good idea to speak with your instructor before turning to any other resource when it comes to getting the assignment completed the right way. Instructors will often have several helpful handouts along with sample copies of assignments from former students. Your instructor will appreciate that you’ve taken the initiative to seek his or her assistance and will likely reward your effort when grading your work.

Browse Academic Journals for Examples

Your university library will have access to thousands of academic journals where you will find great research paper introduction paragraph examples to help with your writing. The articles in these journals have all been peer reviewed and have passed the scrutiny that comes from having something published as a credible resource. Look for journals in your field to get the most relevant samples.

Download Free Copies from the Web

Doing a simple keyword search should bring up a number of sites where you could find some really good samples of academic research papers. Just be careful that you download your copy from a reputable academic site. There are several places that are merely essay mills that distribute poorly written content and generate revenue by attracting visitors to their page.

Visit a Discussion Forum or Chatroom

There are a number of online resources that students forget to consider when they are in search of writing assistance. One of these resources is the online community. Join an academic chatroom or discussion forum to connect with thousands of educators and fellow students from around the world. Get help on a variety of topics or simply ask for an example of an introduction paragraph – no matter what you ask for you’re bound to find help within a few minutes.

Get a Sample from a Writing Tutor

Lastly, don’t forget to request a research paper introduction paragraph example from a qualified writing tutor. Your university or college should have several tutors available to assist you through one-one-one programs or group sessions. You should be able to get a great sample to take home but you can also take advantage of review and editing should you require the assistance.

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