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A List Of Outstanding Research Paper Topics That Can Get You Inspired

Obviously, the most important step in writing your research paper is choosing your topic. If you are excited about what you are researching, you will work harder and longer on gathering information. Time will fly by as you assemble all the ingredients necessary for a fantastic thesis. Your goal is to bring out emotion in yourself and your reader. If you accomplish this, you will get a great grade and your audience will not want to put your thesis down. The following is a list of topics that will bring out emotion in both you and the reader. It’s time to get excited!!!!!!

  • 9/11- America pulls together as one
  • How does terrorism touch every aspect of our life?
  • Child Abuse- How can we stop the pain?
  • Kidnapping- what to teach our children about stranger danger
  • Bullying- we must realize how much it harms
  • Animals destined for extinction-can we stop them from being gone forever?
  • Smoking-how to get the ones we love to quit
  • Selling drugs to our children- steps to protect the kids
  • Abortion- yes or no
  • Smoking while pregnant- should it be against the law?
  • Should the death penalty be legalized?
  • Will text messaging affect our children’s ability to communicate?
  • Home school or public school- which one is best for your child?

This is just a short list of the many topics that can inspire the author as well as the reader. All of the above issues elicit some sort of emotion. That is the key in picking a topic. Look for something you are excited about. Brainstorm about all that interests you and you have a goldmine of ideas in front of you. After you have all of your interests, look for something that you think will spark your readers curiosity and also the attention of your professor. Research papers require a great deal of time gathering information. If you are interested in what you are researching, that time will fly by. It will be difficult for your emotion to not come through in your writings. The manuscript you have been assigned to create for a grade may actually pave the way for an epiphany in the reader. It is exciting to think that someone may read your essay and it may change their lives.

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