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How To Write A Science Research Paper: Some Helpful Advice

When you are writing a science research paper, the ultimate goal is usually to disseminate information not just to those who will be reviewing your paper, but most importantly to a wider pool of scientists who might also come across your paper and review it. Your paper has to be precisely written, especially because a very good paper will easily find its way into a scientific journal, once it has been reviewed by a group of scientists within the field, who also recommend the paper to be published. So, how do you manage to write a very good science research paper?


Scientific papers have a specific format and structure that has to be followed. In most cases to make the work of students easier, some tutors choose to allow students not to focus on the format of the paper, but to present their ideas, but as you get on with the subject, you have to understand the format for publishing scientific papers especially if your hope is to have your paper feature in a scientific journal.

The audience

Unlike in other papers where you might be speaking to the reader, in scientific papers you are speaking to a wide community of scientists who are interested in your topic, some of which might even take up the offer of funding your research topic to make it a reality.

At the same time you have to remember that your paper should never be written for the instructor, even if you know one another on a personal basis. The paper should be written for professionals within the field, and should therefore address their needs and concerns appropriately.

Prose writing

Every time you are writing a scientific paper you have to understand that the paper needs to be written in sentences that are not just complete, but easy to understand. The writing must be done in a manner that conforms to and adheres to the basic English conventions of research papers; grammar, spelling, sentence structure and so forth. Your research will fail as long as you do not heed some of these simple requirements, irrespective of how well the topic might have been researched.

Simple mistakes to avoid

There are some simple mistakes that you must avoid when you are writing your science paper. Do not use colloquial speech or slang on your paper. At the same time, try and avoid contractions such as “don’t” and” doesn’t”. Instead write “do not” or “does not”

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