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In Search Of A Free Research Paper On Schizophrenia: 5 Vital Tips

There are hundreds of sub-areas one can study in psychology. One popular area of research is schizophrenia, a mental disorder that generally disables the brain and behavior of those who are diagnosed by this. Within this area there’s great opportunity to write a research paper on a number of topics, including causes, effects, medication, etc. Before embarking on your project, however, you may want to find a sample copy for you to use. Here are five vital tips for locating free research papers on schizophrenia:

Browsing Academic Journals

The first and most reliable place to find well-written, properly formatted research papers is in an academic journal. Visit your institution’s library and speak with the reference librarian. He or she can point you to the new and archived journals containing works on schizophrenia. You can trust these pieces the most since each one requires heavy editing and critiquing before they are published.

Getting a Sample Copy from Your Professor

Ask your psychology professor for a sample copy from a former student. Professors prefer this because they can be sure that you won’t commit any plagiarism, since they will have first-hand knowledge of the content in the sample they provide. Also, though, they’ll feel at ease in knowing you are proactively looking for well-written pieces rather than just taking blind-guesses as to how to write the research paper.

Finding a Copy from the Psychology Community

There are several online communities where psychology professionals get together to exchanges ideas and discuss various topics within the discipline. Express your interest by joining either a chatroom or forum then seek out one-on-one assistance by asking for a copy from one of the other members. Be sure to share some of your ideas as well; these communities thrive on participation from everyone.

Visiting Psychology Websites

There are dozens of reputable psychology websites that publish occasional works from experts in the field. These won’t be as great as the material that is published in journals, but the content will be well-written. You can certainly refer to this material when you are looking for the best ways to present your study.

Getting a Copy from a Grad Student

If you have access to graduate students who study the field of psychology then you should take advantage and try getting a copy of a research paper. If at all possible, you should try to find a student who has worked in your topic area, since they can also provide feedback when you are close to your finished product.

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