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Quick tips on how to publish your research paper in an international journal

When you think about it, having completed a research paper and hopefully obtained a good score, the icing on the cake is to have your work published in an international journal. There are several benefits here. It will certainly do no harm to your employment prospects. You may well receive remuneration for your contribution. You can establish your name and a reputation and particularly so if the international Journal is one of high repute. So knowing all this information, the question remains how do you publish your research paper in a particular international Journal?

  • It goes without saying that you write the best possible paper
  • you look at relevant international journals to find the right one
  • you inquire about the application process
  • you push the unique angle
  • you seek and find recommendations from reputable sources

Unless you have spent a great deal of time and effort and thought sensibly about the task, you are unlikely to have produced an outstanding research paper. No international Journal will publish a second-rate piece of writing. Make your choice of topic and your approach to it absolutely flawless.

There are many international journals but only some are likely to publish research papers in your area of expertise. Do not waste your time approaching journals which are not interested in your type of topic. Find those which are the most likely to be interested in your area of expertise. Concentrate only on these organs.

There are good ways and not so good ways to approach the relevant international journals. Talk to other writers who have done this before. Look at the actual journals and their websites and find out the best way to approach them. You could do yourself no favour by making the wrong approach. Be smart. You want to be successful so discover the ways and means of becoming just that.

Try to create an area of uniqueness about your research paper. Try to create an area of uniqueness about your approach to the journals. You don't want to be just another face in the crowd. Make you and your research paper stand out.

By obtaining the backing or recommendation of somebody with a high reputation in your field of writing, you give yourself a better than even chance of being accepted. The right mentor or sponsor could make the difference between being accepted or not.

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