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A List Of Successful Biology Term Paper Topic Ideas

A successful topic is something that will make a great first impression and engage your readers into reading the rest of your assignment. It is critical to keep the target audience in your mind while writing your paper because it is them you are aiming your paper for. You have to make sure that you create an interesting and informative piece that will add to the existing knowledge about the subject and welcome new areas of research. The problem with most of the students is that they do not go deep down in the subject and pick a superficial topic. This leaves the teachers frustrated because even after making effort on your paper, you did not succeed to address a certain problem or area. Avoid taking a broad subject because it will only waste your efforts.

If you are having a hard time in choosing the right topic for your term paper in biology, you should start by listing down all the major areas you can talk about. Once you have the broad categories you can easily narrow them down to find a potential topic for your term paper. Here are some interesting suggestions for you to create a strong term paper topic in biology.

Term paper topic ideas to consider for biology

  1. Obesity - A very hot debate lately, you can talk about the causes of obesity, its relation to lifestyle, genetics and how can we prevent it from spreading in the coming generation
  2. Abortion - Discuss its effects on the body of the mother and the possible consequences in future pregnancies and conception
  3. Homosexuality - You can make an interesting research on this topic, as it is in news lately, whether it is genetic or a biological malfunction in the body
  4. Viruses as biological weapons - discuss which viruses have been used as biological weapons in the past or how can people use them for instance Ebola
  5. Alternative medicine - Do these work in real. Are these as effective as the real formula or medicine designed for a particular disease
  6. Birth control - what is the most effective method for this, do these medicines have long term side effects
  7. Autism and vaccines - is there a possible relation between increasing cases of autism and vaccination
  8. Cancer - how does the environment and lifestyle contribute to cancer causing agents, how can we prevent it
  9. Sleep - discuss the ideal sleep, sleeping patterns, disorders and phobias
  10. Evolution
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