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8 Things You Probably Didn't Know About A Research Paper Format

The very scientific investigation is very important in a research paper but the way you put it into words and format it is very important, too. If you don’t give it enough attention, you risk having your paper turned down or not taken seriously.

Important Research Paper Formatting Details

  1. Use the style you have been told to use.
  2. There are many academic writing and formatting styles. They have their own peculiarities and specific features. The APA style is definitely not the same with the MA style, etc.

  3. Find a useful manual.
  4. Having found out finally what your academic writing style is, find a useful guidebook. Such guidebooks are available online and offline, in libraries and writing labs.

  5. Use high-quality paper.
  6. Although it seems to be quite obvious and having nothing to do with the formatting, you are supposed to use white clean paper of a regular size, without decorations, stains, etc.

  7. Always leave margins.
  8. Each formatting style determines the margins in a particular way but you need to observe the demands of the one you or your teacher has chosen. Don’t try to increase margins to make your project seem bigger.

  9. Give attention to the title page.
  10. Consider the formatting AND your teacher’s demands simultaneously. It’s possible that your teacher will tell you to number the title page while the formatting style doesn’t foresee it, or vice versa. Keep in mind everything you are told.

  11. Format the spacing.
  12. It’s determined by the general style of your project and should be the same between all the lines and all the words. Students often try to increase the spacing between the lines to make the text occupy more pages. Don’t even try to do this: cheating is worse than making mistakes.

  13. Be attentive with titles of books.
  14. Give a lot of attention to the bibliography formatting because it’s a very important styling detail, too.

  15. Check it all in the end.
  16. Before submitting your project, check out whether everything is done in the same formatting style and whether all the demands are observed.

Research Paper Formatting Problems

If something happens and you feel that you’re really having problems with the formatting, turn to your teacher immediately. It will help you save a lot of time and avoid many silly mistakes that can spoil everything. It’s better to ask your teacher’s advice even in case you feel like being able to handle everything on your own.

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